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 Interislander Cancellation

This is to let you know that severe weather, including swells of up to 7 metres significant wave height had been forecast to hit Cook Strait from midnight Friday to midnight Sunday. This impacted the sailing schedules and caused cancellations. The knock effect is that you may not receive your deliveries until Tuesday.  We are extremely sorry for the inconvenince this may cause. 



Allocations Form Now Available Online:

An updated allocations template form is available here in PDF format. Alternatively, an excel version can be found in Forms & Guides > Allocation Change Form > Excel Format.

Please save a copy and send your allocation requests through on this template with title codes for quicker processing.


Title Codes for Allocation Requests:

Please note that all allocation requests require title codes before they are processed to ensure your requests are processed accurately and in a timely manner. Without title codes, you may experience a delay in the processing of your request.

If you are unsure of the 6 digit title codes you need, please click here. Alternatively, an updated title catalogue can be found under Forms & Guides > Title Catalogue.




Payment Information:   

For your convenience, you may pay via Direct Credit to Gordon & Gotch. Our account number is: 01-0183-0120020-03 at ANZ, Mt Roskill. Please quote your G&G Account Number as your Bank Reference.


Credit Hold/Overdue Accounts:    

If you have recently had your account placed on a temporary credit hold and made a payment to clear the balance. Please email Proof of Payment and your Outlet No. to the accounts team: comms@gordongotch.co.nz. Due to invoicing in advance, magazines may take a week to reinstate back to normal.


Delivery Delays:


Ongoing Delayed ETA for Christchurch, Queenstown & Invercargill:      

Due to using the Inland Road between Blenheim and Christchurch (due to the Coast Road (SH1) being closed, this has added 2.5 - 3 hours per trip. This has resulted in freight arriving into Christchurch much later and therefore later to other areas like Queenstown and Invercargill.

Endeavours are made to deliver product as early as possible but the reality is product will be delivered later than what you are used to.

Unfortunately, this will remain the normal ETA until the Coast Road is reopened which has been rumoured to be 18-24 months away.



Updated Forms Now Available Online:

Please click on the forms below to assist you with any queries:

- Account Closure Form

- Allocation Change Form (Click HERE for PDF Format)

- Monthly Partworks Schedule for April- This will be updated monthly to assist with on-sale dates etc.

- Refund Form

- Return Ticket Order Instructions

- Title Catalogue (Click HERE to see sorted by Alphabetical Order or HERE for sorted by Category)

- Top 50 Gordon & Gotch Title List

- Latest Partworks Update


Alternatively, these forms can all be found under the Forms & Guides tab.


Magazine Changes/Delays:

NW (405660/835) Invoiced Twice for South island Customers

Please note that South Island Customers of NW may have been charged on 2 invoices for 8 May issue on-sale 04/05/17. We have credited one of these invoices for you.


Miss FQ (508039/100) Recall Date Change Reminder       

Please note the reminder that the 2016 issue of Miss FQ went on-sale 28/11/16 with a recall date of 15/05/17. This was changed to 27/03/17.

If you have already processed your returns for 27/03/17 and missed this title out. Please submit a supplementary return online.

This issue will expire for returns on 17/04/17.


Oh Baby! (508745/155 & 157) Recall Date Change             

Please note that the Autumn 2017 issue of Oh Baby! went on-sale 27/03/17 with a recall date of 05/06/17. This has now been changed to 12/06/17.



Return Tickets:

Please click here for more information on ordering Courier Tickets.


Online Returns:

Please enter your returns online WEEKLY to avoid back logging and missing a return expiry date. If a return reaches the expiry date (midnight on the 21st day) without being entered this will result the on line return being removed from the file. No credit will be authorized after the expiry date.