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Retailers Policies & Procedures


Price Changes Policy

Prices may be changed periodically. Head office accounts are advised Via the price and barcode reports sent twice a week  to head office on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All other retailers receive notification via the RRP on your invoice.


Recall Date Changes Policy

Recall Dates may be changed periodically. There is a report on the website which shows titles/issues that have had recall date changes. You need to update these in your system as required


Extras Quantities Policy

Retailers can request extra sales orders (extra stock) if they need it through the call center.  These requests may not be processed if there is not stock on hand .  If the recall date is still pending – stock can still be returned.

If the stock is requested after the close of the recall period – the extra sales order will be deemed as a firm sale and stock cannot be returned.


Returns Policy

If the title is classified as "Full Copy" all Retailers must return full copies to the original point of despatch at the retailers cost .If the title is classified as "Cover Only" all Retailers must return covers - usually by post at the retailers costs.

All normal returns should be returned on the return form provided with the delivery

Manual Returns will only be accepted if it is on the appropriate supplementary form.

Returns quantities cannot exceed the number of copies initially processed.

Any number of Supplementary Returns may be submitted by a Retailer. There is no explicit or implicit guarantee that any supplementary return will be credited to the retailer's account.

Returns Designation

F= Full copy Return

T= Masthead or cover

Gordon and Gotch reserve the right to carry out audits on returns and to make debit adjustments where the number of cover returned do not match the claims made.


On line Return Policy

Only Retailers who have been authenticated and given access to the Retailer Portal shall be able to complete an On Line return. Returns can be made online by two possible methods. Online Weekly Returns (Standard) and Online Supplementary returns.

Online Weekly Returns must be completed on line before the cut off date and all covers, mastheads and full copies must be sent to Gordon and Gotch along with the Return claim form.Gordon and Gotch will not accept responsibility for crediting online returns submitted after the expiry date.

Online Supplementary Returns. All supplementary returns must be made online. Only those issues displayed on screen are able to be credited any issues prior to these are closed. Returns prior to the recall date can be made using supplementary returns however Gordon and Gotch reserve the right to delay early returns for new title launches or when there is a title promotion that is significant.As with weekly Returns the printed claim form must be sent to Gordon and Gotch with covers/mastheads and or full copies.

The costs of sending back returns are the responsibility of the retailer.


Passwords Policy

The password must be a minimum of 6 characters and a maximum of 15 characters.

A Password may be recovered if a user has forgotten it. The user must enter their user name then an email confirming their password will be sent to the email address recorded against the user's account.