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Returns Processing

The Returns Processing team is responsible for coordinating the returns function, this being all the unsold copies from retailers.


Gordon and Gotch operates a weekly returns system which provides our publisher clients accurate sales projections within three weeks of the recall, enabling informed print run maintenance and prompt newsagent allocation maintenance.


Our Returns Processing Team is responsible for managing the returns audit process, where retailers’ returns are audited to ensure that the claimed returns are accurate. A physical audit forms part of this process.  


Magazines to be disposed are pulped for recycling.




Online Returns

Returns can be made online in two ways; Standard and Supplementary Returns.  


Standard Returns These must be completed "on line" before the cut-off date and all covers, mastheads and full copies must be sent to Gordon and Gotch along with the Return claim form.  


Supplementary Returns Only those issues displayed on screen are able to be credited any issues prior to these are closed. Returns, prior to the recall date, can be made using supplementary returns, however Gordon and Gotch reserves the right to delay early returns for new title launches or when there is a title promotion that is significant.


The printed claim form must be sent to Gordon and Gotch with covers/mastheads and/or full copies.  


The costs of sending back claims are the responsibility of the retailer.


Gordon & Gotch reserve the right to carry out audits on returns and to make debit adjustments when the covers/full copies do not match the claims made on the submitted return sheets